Thursday, June 7, 2007

Voice Mail Tips For Real Estate Agents

Coaching For Real Estate Agents

Voice Mail Tips For Real Estate Agents

Do you know what your voice mail sounds like?

As a Real Estate Agent I hope you have a great professional voice mail message.

Is your message boring and meaningless or is it exciting and compelling?

Call your voice mail and listen to the tone of your message, the message itself and the content of your message.

What is the goal of your voice message? It should be to have the caller want to leave you a message.

Do not say; “Your call is important to me” . That sounds so condescending to me. If your call was so important to you why aren’t you answering the phone personally when I call you?

Some other things you should not say in your message are things like, “I am not at my desk right now.” Or “I’m sorry I missed Your Call.” These statements are overused and are a waste of your precious few seconds to get your message across.

Avoid using the same boring statements that everyone else says on their messages.

Make yourself stand out in the voice mail crowd.

I suggest to my coaching clients to always have a big smile on their face when they are recording their message. For some people standing in looking into a mirror helps them to use their best voice.

Write down what you are going to say so that you can follow your script. That will help you avoid using “uhm” and “ah”, etc.

Remember that you can re-record over and over again until you get it right so don’t worry about it when you goof up.

I always leave my email address on my voice mail and my website address. I also leave my tagline to get them to my website.

At the end of the message I like to say, “Make it a great day.” You can leave another call to action at the end of your message, make it memorable.

People always compliment me on my voice mail messages but more importantly they leave a message or email me.

You can email me at for coaching and consulting information for Real Estate Agents. I am a Realtor and a Business, Career, Health and Personal Coach, Real Estate Business Consultant, trainer and speaker. Yours In Real Estate, Katerina

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